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In a world without moorings it is important to embrace and hold on to the things in life you hold most dear. Here at Good News, we are no different. There are many things we consider important but it is these specific values that craft who we are and what we do on a daily basis.


We choose to stay in step with culture rather than slipping into irrelevance. When making choices we ask, “Is it useful?”


Next Steps:
We believe where we’re going is more important than where we are or where we have been. When making choices we ask, “How does this represent a next step?”

We believe authentic relationship precedes, defines, and fulfills opportunity. When making choices we ask, “How does this help people connect?”


Grace and Truth:
We choose 100% grace and 100% truth, not 50/50. Grace and truth are seen when Jesus said to a women caught in adultery, “I don’t condemn you (100% grace). Go and sin no more (100% truth). When making choices we ask, “How is this aligned with biblical truth and how does this express openness and acceptance to others?”

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